No luck for me!

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icon_sad.gif:) I wrote security+ exam yesterday. I score 723. it is sad, I did not believe that, because I was okay with the martial, my time was okay. I do not know what went wrong, any way I did not spend that much time to study, like 70-290 or 70-29. I probably spend a week reading, while I am at working, but I was okay for the material.
unfortunately being okay for the material Does not passing you this exam, the score you need to get is very high which is 900-1000 you need to get all the material.
Now I have to be serious and take it again in a week. icon_cry.gif Ahhhh! I hate when it happens………….Hay learn form me Study very well before writing this exam!


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    I here ya, and can understand your pain. I too failed by only 8 points. What really hurts is that I know of one question that I should have known the answer, and I probably missed passing by one question.

    I used Sybex book, which I think I took 2 or 3 weeks to read. Others have said Syngress book was much better. I delayed the retake so I could focus on my MCSE and take advantage of the MS retake promo should I fail one of the exams. I plan to pass the last test on MCSE, so I will resume studying Security+ tomorrow and probably take the test on Monday, July 10th.

    Take the practice tests this site has available, and also make use of the resources in this forum. Those should help alot.

    By the way, score range is 100-900, so a passing score of 764 probably is closer to 840 in MS scoring range. CCNA also has a high pass score.
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    Danman32 wrote:
    Take the practice tests this site has available, and also make use of the resources in this forum. Those should help alot.

    I would also suggest looking through the forum. However, I must say that one of the ONLY reasons I was nervous prior to the exam was because of what I had read on the forums here. Too many people saying the exam was hard, too many failure posts, it was all pretty discouraging. The actual exam was, at least to me, quite dissapointing, in the fact that it was ridiculously easy, and I wish I hadn't worked myself up because of what I had read.

    Good luck, ace it whenever you're ready.
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    If you can handle MCSE, surely Sec+ shouldn't be that bad now.

    I failed by a few points using primarily the Sybex book, so I'm right with you. Syngress is so much better.
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    I started really reading the syngress book and so far I get the feeling it is missing something. It doesn't seem as well organized as the Sybex book, which I also found for everything else. If the missed details that were in the syngress books were put in the Sybex books, the Sybex books would be the best.

    But I had the 2nd edition of the Sybex, the third edition might have done it.

    MCSE only requires a 700 out of 1000, while S+ requires a 764 out of 900 which I figure is equivalent to 850 out of 1000. At that pass cutoff, there are a couple of MSCE exams I would have had to retake.

    CCNA also has a high pass cutoff of 849. I would have passed the first time if it had MS's pass cutoff. I got an 800 taking it the last day of class.
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