PearsonVue Facial Recognition Policy

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Has anyone tried to decline the PearsonVue facial recognition policy for online testing?  It says if you don’t agree to the policy to call their support line and schedule your exam through them.

When I did this I was transferred to their accommodation line and then back to their main line who said it wasn’t possible to decline the policy.  I spoke to a supervisor who said he didn’t know why the website says you can schedule via the support line if you don’t agree to the facial recognition policy.  He said if you want to do online proctoring, then you have to agree to this policy.  I escalated to his supervisor, but I had to hang up before I was able to speak to them.

I think it’s pretty crappy to be forced into this policy just to be able to take exams from home with online proctoring.


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    Have you tried testing in a testing center instead? They still take your picture, but I don't think its anything to do with facial recognition.
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    Yes, I ended up booking an exam at a test center, but I’m still annoyed at wasting 90 minutes on the phone with their call center trying to opt out of their facial recognition policy for online exams only to be told I couldn’t.  

    They need to update their website to reflect that accepting the policy is mandatory instead of telling people to schedule through their call center if they do not accept this policy.

    I think it’s really crappy for them to tie online testing at home to being a guinea pig for a new AI technology they’re developing especially when I’m paying hundreds of dollars to take an exam and the online testing only came about due to COVID-19 restrictions.  I think I’m going to complain to Cisco about this.  I doubt it will go anywhere, but at least I will have done everything in my power to combat this corporate overreach by PearsonVue.
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