Is it worth doing CISSP in 2021-22?

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Hello I have currently done digital marketing and I want to do CISSP. Is it worth doing?


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    Are there a lot of jobs in Pakistan that require the CISSP? If so, you should have several years of professional Information Security work experience before attempting the CISSP. Otherwise, the Security+ certification is where you should begin.
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    If you have zero work experience in the information security field you will not qualify for CISSP. You need a minimum of 5+ years of work experience and show proof once passing your CISSP exam. You can still take CISSP, however if you pass CISSP, you will not be awarded the certification until the work experience is met and you have a current "good standing" CISSP member endorse you, a letter of recommendation. 

    Jumping from digital marketing to CISSP is going to be extremely difficult. 
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    In your situation, I think that for jumping from digital marketing to infosec, you may need to consider a college degree. 
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    Take a fews days to sleep on it, maybe even a few weeks....  

    I would think a bachelors or masters in cyber security would be the way to go.  Assuming the university has inroads into some of the organizations hiring.......
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