Taking on the CySA+

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Hi all,

I took and passed the CISSP in 2017 and worked in SIEM infrastructure role for a while afterward.  I am now in a SOC analyst role and want to get CySA+ knocked out for performance review purposes.  I'll be lurking around.  Last time I was here was several years ago but I see it is still pretty active, and the forum software seems to be much better than before.


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    Welcome back! You'll find a lot of active members here have the CySA+ cert. I have worked in a SOC for years and CySA+ and CASP+ are good vendor-neutral SOC certs to have. Of course, no two SOCs are exactly the same, so what are good certs for any specific SOC is a matter of opinion. I hope you'll find everything certification-related that you need here at TE!
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    Lurker here as well, just took the CySA and passed. I studied for about 2 weeks, but this is also coming off the SSCP which I also did in about a week last month.  I used Dion's course on Udemy, his practice tests, and the Chapple course on LinkedIn Learning.  I spent about 7 years in digital forensics and investigations, probably also helped with some of the test that was in that area.
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