Have you ever one-lined a NDA or similar employment document?

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I’m curious if anyone has ever crossed out any part of a NDA or similar document that had terms they didn’t want to agree to?  Did the employer accept the modified terms or did they tell you to sign the document without modification and to go pound sand otherwise?

I’m looking at a NDA for an offer and there’s a clause that is included that would give them rights to any copyrightable works I produce during my employment even if it was produced while I wasn’t on the clock.  I’m not too happy about this particular clause because it would mean any content I write for my websites they would have rights to the copyright.  I currently do not have a website that is technology focused, but I have thought about starting one.

I have a feeling if I cross out the section they’re not going to accept it.  Unfortunately, I have a limited amount of time to make this decision.


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    Ask your lawyer is the best advice we can give you. 

    I would negotiate this NDA and tell that you won't sign it as it is. Explain your point, maybe you could just biff that clause. 

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    I reached out to some lawyers.  Hopefully, I can get it reviewed before the deadline.

    I figure I have a few options:

    -Sign it
    -Not sign it and start looking for a new job.
    -Send the rest of the paperwork except for the NDA and see if they notice.
    -Change a few words here and there that change the meaning of the sentences and the terms to something that is agreeable to me, sign it, send it to them and see if they notice.
    -One-line the sentences and sections that I find disagreeable and see what they say.

    I’m most tempted to choose the option of changing a few words here and there because it seems the least noticeable.  In essence, it’s a counteroffer and if they don’t read before they sign, then it’s their fault.
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