Listing programming languages on your resume?

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Just curious what approach do you use?   I've been getting pretty deep into Python over the last few months, but.....   It's really only been in one library.  Just curious what you developers or former developers would do if you were functional, but really only in one library?  

In the skills section and just qualify (library x)
or in a bullet and state leveraged, developed etc in Python using library A?  I don't want to come off like a web developer or something I am not.  But I want to take credit for the libraries I know in Python.  



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    Mention it in cover letter or skills section on resume....especially if the position is for programming or heavily focused..
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    Create a Public Github and publish sanitized code/project and link it to your LinkedIn/Resume.
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    I appreciate the feedback, the github should be a no brainer, duh.  Like SOT mentioned I'm going to specifically call it out in the skill section and making sure Python is bouyed to the library  :)
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