Passed PenTest+ on the 1st Attempt!

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Hi Everyone,

I recently passed PenTest+ with 780/750. I barely passed tbh. I found the PenTest+ certification to be extremely difficult. I had to preform alot of educational guess using process of elimination to determine the best answer on the majority of questions. I strongly suggest having some scripting experience, web application security experience, and network security experience. The Sybex book does not prepare you well for this exam. I literally had to rely on my experience/previous certifications/education and still i would only be able to eliminate two of the choices and i'd be stuck in a 50/50 split of the remaining choices. I strongly suggest knowing your tools as those are easy scores and time saving questions that Comptia are throwing you a lifeline lol (that's how i felt)

8+ years of Security Engineering/Analyst experience.
3+ years of Python scripting experience

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M.S. Cybersecurity

Study Material:
- Sybex Book
- 5 Years Vulnerability Management and exploiting vulnerabilities to prove stubborn system/application engineers wrong (lol).
- Scripting Experience

I literally read the Sybex book cover to cover; I then used the exam outline from Comptia and write out in detail all i know about each item on the exam objective. The areas i was unfamiliar with I would research each item i was unsure/didn't know. I then reprinted the exam objectives provided by Comptia and fill it out until I felt confident. I skipped every Sybex questions in the book, I know Sybex questions never prepared me to pass any exams in the past, what does prepare me the Exam Objectives is like a written test, that makes you think and then you're forced to check if you're right. I have some scripting experience in python, so that helped me alot.

CISSP, CCENT, CCNA R/S, CCNA Cyber OPs, Security+, CySA+, PenTest+, Network+, Microsoft AZ-900, InsightVM Certified Administrator


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    Never read PenTest+ book... was not boring?
    I'm just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry

    xx+ certs...and I'm not counting anymore

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