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Hi, Congratulations for your AZ304. I failed mine by 640. And I'm bit disapointed. Cleared AZ303 before. These exams are clearly far difficult than many others. 
I have some short questions for you of you authorize me (and want to help me a bit :) )
When you took the Exam the second time did you get the same set of questions ? 
How many questions did you get ? How many cases ?
Also I was supprised to get many tricky questions with AKS and ACI.  That was the case for you ?
Finally, what pratcice tests did you use ? Which ones are the best according to you ?
Many thanks. 


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    Hi _netmon,

    I have two good source of courses. First is Plurasight courses for 303/304, Cloud Guru and LinkedIn training (free). I loved the plurasight ones they cover very well the subjects. The CGuru is more focused on the exam and very well designed with experienced instructors and good methodology. The One on LinkedIn is more marketing I'd say. I also used free practice labs on the MS site. Reading the documentation is also really important. 
    303 is very technical. 304 is tricky because more focused on analysis with sometimes several possible viable solutions you must know the best ones. 
    Practice tests I used for 303 from whizlabs 5-10% in common with real exam. The 304 one from whizlab is clearly out. Take the udemy path for this. Far better and good quality. The instructor is far better too. 
    Hope this helps. 
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