Exeperienced network engineer, what certs should i take next ?

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I am network engineer with just over 10 years experience behind me. I previously passed ccnp for route and switch but let it lapse after recerting it a couple of times. 
As the market changes i can see the more traditional routing and switching falling off in favour or cloud & automation based skills as well as a strong market focus on cybersec. 
I would like to get in to more security focused work (i have decent experience wirth ASA & checkpoint) but am wondering what the best certs and learning would be for me? 
I've kind of already committed to the new CCNP Sec and with my background i think i have a bit of head start. What i do wonder though is would I be wise to also look at some vendor nuetral certs, like the comptia stuff etc? 
Whilst furloughed i did the AWS cloud practictioner exam as i knew nothing about cloud up to that point but really quite enjoyed.
Would there also be a path i could take that would use my networking skills, my interest in security that could lead to me doing work with cloud tech? 
Any suggestions on what certs i should do (and i am quite happy to start with the basics in both cloud and general security) and what i should be looking to learn over the next 12 months or so?


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    The Cloud is made up of data centers that use Cisco equipment, all brands of servers, and Linux/UNIX/Windows OSes. So, if you want to work "inside" the Cloud as a Cloud infrastructure engineer, you should stay with the Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, and other vendor-specific certs. If you want to work "in" the Cloud as a systems and network admin caring for Cloud services and apps, the AWS SysOp Admin cert is a way to go with the AWS Security cert for showing Cloud IAM knowledge. There are vendor-neutral security certs for Cloud (CCSP and CCSK) and for general security (Security+ and CISSP). Look at job postings for the kind of positions you want to work and check if these type of certs are asked for much.
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    robinwillirobinwilli Member Posts: 2 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the feedback JDMurray, some useful stuff there. 
     Yeah i definitely need to have a little think about what would be my ideal role and look for what they ask for. I think my view is somewhat coloured by the fact my current job search alerts are set up with cisco as a keyword, maybe i need to broaden that out a bit
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