MTA 98-349 Windows OS Fundamentals

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Hi there

I am preparing for this exam.

I have read this very helpful thread but I am not clear on the level of detail required.

E.g. my W OS Fundamentals book sets out options in the HomeGroup page (I think HomeGroup has since been removed from Windows!) do I need to memorise the options on that page for e.g.:

Options include

1 Change what you're sharing with the homegroup.....
2. Allow all devices on ....

(If so this has to be the height of nonsense surely).

I have the measure-up exams which someone said were realistic but I have read somewhere else that they are not. (Purchased through Pearsonvue)

I also saw a reference somewhere to gmetrix (?) are those their own exams or are they reselling someone elses? I emailed but got no reply.

I am prob overdoing it, but this is my first exam after a few decades and I need to pass it and then the A+ to move into IT support hopefully.

I am making flash cards  from the book, happy to share if anyone else is also taking this exam.

NB the Measure-Up practice exam contains 119 questions in its bank, so its hardly a lot.

(I did post this in an older thread, the thread as a whole was very informative, but that thread has helpfully been closed.)


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    Does anyone know what the exam pass mark is, is it still 70%?

    I found this - 98-349 Windows OS Fundamentals - 55 Questions (50 minutes)

    (Certiport Pearson Vue)

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