Does anyone use Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS)?

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My organization is interested in exploring the built-in DLP features of MCAS, but it is new to us. I am curious to hear of other's experience with this solution. The product may not be as mature as the Symantec solution, but we are trying to go cloud native whenever possible. 

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    Yes, but I'm also a consultant who implements it for customers. Defender for Cloud Apps can detect for example when someone deletes a lot of documents from a SharePoint online site, it can also integrate with Sentinel. Or when someone uploads a highly sensitive document to his personal hotmail or gmail. It has quite some built in rules and machine learning which analyzes the activiies of a user and alerts when he/she does something unusual or suspicious. Microsoft Defender for Cloud apps is a primary component of a Zero Trust strategy and your XDR deployment with Microsoft 365 Defender. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. I always recommend to first start with implementing a proper information protection setup, where the senstivity labes and DLP policies are implemented by or with the business, and that sensitive information/data is classified, and then enable Defender for Cloud Apps. If you use Microsoft Sentinel, I also recommend to integrate Defender for Cloud Apps, to have the alerts/incidents in one place. 
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