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I took my ccna a few weeks ago and failed with a 779 icon_cry.gif . My very first question on the exam took up about 20 minutes of my time because the configuration that I implemented on one of the routers would not show up on the visualizer, but when I did a 'sh run' all my configs were there, it seriously baffled me for too long and left me confused, frustrated, and running out of time. I was wondering if maybe anyone else experienced something like this, and also if anyone knows for a fact that the sim questions weigh more than the regular multiple choice questions or if all the questions are worth the same? Any input is much appreciated. :D



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    I took this before and had a problem with the sims too. The only way I could tell things were working was by pinging different machines on the fake network which meant that my routers were routing. I spent too much time on my first sim mostly because the instructions were confusing, they made it sound like everything was setup but not working but it wasn't all setup at all. All the people at the fake company plugged in the cables and turned on the routers, hey these are not linksys dsl/cable routers, they need to be configured. As for the weights I'm not really sure and can't get a strait answer from anyone. I'm not taking the 607 again even though I was quite close to passing with an 809...a mer 40 points. There are two other ways to be CCNA, a new hard test like the 607 or two tests which means you only need to study about half the material at a time which is a bit better. Haven't looked into it very much because going to wait until next year after I take a routing class at school and these things are only good for 3 years, will take it right before I finish school to make it last the longest before it's time to renew.
    Wish I had more answers but you are not alone, that test is a tough one with such a high passing score, with your 779 that would be enough to pass a CompTIA test.
    I do think people do much better the second time because they know what to expect.
    Best of luck when you try it again.
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    Thank you for your input, it's good to know I'm not the only one who had problems with the sims. I plan to retake the test in about 2 weeks and I'm pretty confident that I'll pass this time. Even if the sim questions are worth more than the regular ones, there was only 2 of them on my test so I'm not really gonna worry too much about them the next time around, and I only had a problem with one of the sims the other one was super easy and quick to troubleshoot. Anyway good luck to you nethersdenizen and thanks again.

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    What "Area of Knowledge" do the sims fall under on the Diagnostic Report that is printed out after the test?
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    Depends on the sim(s) you get... take a look at the exam topics at and look for the objectives with the word Configure in it.
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