MSCSIA Grad: How long to start applying for positions?

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I am a MSCSIA grad student at WGU, and had a talk with my advisor about applying for work while still in school. My advisor mentioned how she had prior students apply and get positions in cybersecurity while still taking courses and I wanted to know if anyone else had the same experiences or gotten a job while completing the program?

I am 4 courses in and I wanted to start applying at least 6 courses in, to be better prepared. I haven't worked a official cybersecurity job yet, although I do have prior work experience and skills that are within cybersecurity, etc. I have obtained a DOJ IT level certs like the CJIS Level 4, etc.  I currently working a T1-2 IT support position remote, atm while going through the MSCSIA program.

I personally cannot WAIT to leave my current position (I am happy to at least have a job during the pandemic, but I want more out of my career/life, etc) and finally get off the phones and leave the entry level IT support roles once and for all! lol


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    Why wait? Structure your resume around your current experience and security knowledge and apply. Whether good or bad, the 2 extra courses aren't in some way going to make you more qualified or more desirable as a hire. 
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