Can you get a job with this cert

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Exam 98-364: Database Fundamentals

SQL is the only type of IT course iv ever taken that didnt feel like death by powerpoint and was wondering if a person could land a job with this cert.


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    Probably not by itself. I’m sure a firm would want someone with actual Oracle, SQL, MySQL or Cloud database experience.
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    @spiderjericho Thats the issue im having, i live in Hattiesburg MS, i cant find any jobs that are entry level through or . I finished a degree in computer networking but im not a fan of CCNA material so i stay away from it. I figured sense the only one class i like out of the whole degree was SQL, that i would aim for a cert in that and see if it helps with landing a job. But if 5 years spent on a BS degree + having a MTA SQL cert doesn't cut it, im gona look into maybe refrigeration repair, not really digging the whole idea of spending 6 years to try to land some help desk job that probably pays 12 bucks an hr. Just not logical.
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    Bro. Don’t give up. Just have to figure out how to get your foot in the door.

    I wish more would chime in the thread. Maybe get Net/Sec+ and get a help desk job. Or maybe try to go the cloud route. Microsoft has free learning materials. Plus you can start a free Azure account (just remember it’s like a free $100 and consumed resources cost money).

    But I can understand your perspective. 
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    In my opinion if you have a degree in computer networking you should be able to knock off the CCNA in a fairly short time. I can understand you not liking the CCNA material but in a way Cisco is "how networking is done" and they have a large market share.
    Have you considered moving to a region with better job opportunities?
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    @itdept Im currently going to stay in the city i am in, girlfriend works at a bank and is set up in this area and doesnt wish to leave, so relocation at the moment isnt an option for me.
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    @itdept The CCNA is kinda hard for me, i went through the classes at a junior college but didnt retain it that well. I think the only thing i know how to do is set up static routes, but doing that type of work definitely makes me turn the other way, dish washing, picking up garbage, anything but configuring a router or switch, it just makes my brain drift off and think about jumping out a window. CCNA stuff is not for me. 
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    I got my foot in the door through a tech support job ad on Craigslist. Also I often see job postings for larger companies by visiting their website and looking for the Careers section at the page footer. Banks and what not do this and it seems that many don't bother reposting their ads on monster.
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    I think so, certain certifications can get you jobs.  It used to be the CCNA got you into a NOC which could lead to better things.  Does this role even exist anymore?

    But that cert you mentioned in your title will not help hardly at all, maybe not at all.  Sorry.  
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    How about this one.

    Cloud + databases could be your thing, never know till you try. Cloud is the future and not likely to go away. You could become a database specialist in this area perhaps as this is a hands on role, which you seem to prefer.
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    I've wondered how big of a niche the AWS-native database services have claimed in the database market or if the majority of enterprises are preferring to stay with the database standards (e.g., MySQL, Oracle, SQL server, PostgreSQL) in the Cloud. In what should a DBA specialize in these days of AWS?
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    I'll add that that AT MOST a certification will help get you a chance at a first-round job interview. Once the interview starts, it's all about your presentation and not about your certification.
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    Also be careful in the world of development.  Programming certs are viewed as jokes in dev shops.  You'll see these folks get system certs and other types but not programming itself.  And to be honest it doesn't really make sense.  

    The cert validates you know how to use the IDE and some high level programming concepts.  Building utilities is a much better way to flex muscle.  
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    From my experience, Network+ is an entry-level cert and it will not get you a job alone. Employers value Microsoft or Cisco certs. Your best bet is to earn those certs than CompTIA counterparts.
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