Failed AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

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I am going to WGU for my bachelors and failed my Amazon certification badly, on the first time.  I entered this class with no Amazon experience and never have taken an Amazon cert before so I wasn't sure what to expect compared to Comptia exams etc.  From what I remember, all the questions seemed very iffy with the way they were worded.  Does anyone know of anything I can do or use to help me pass this cert?  So far I have used the college material, read the AWS white pages and information on their site.


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    If you have never done an AWS cert before sitting the SysOps admin exam it was probably not the "best" pathway to take. I took the Cloud Prac exam while many other skip it and go to Solution Architect Associate (CSAA). The Cloud Prac also gives you some experience into how AWS test and you get a 50% discount voucher towards your next exam.
    Start with Solution Architect Associate first. I have seen many comments that suggest to go for the Developer exam and then SysOps Admin - Associate to round out the 3.
    I made a post: on what I did to pass and I have seen others use the same formula.
    It is not an easy exam and AWS recommend that you have a years experience before attempting CSAA. Try working on AWS to build things and trial services. 
    Thanks for sharing about your failed exam as generally no one wants to talk about failures. Learn from it and press on. You can still use knowledge from the SysOps admin towards the CSAA exam. That lays the groundwork for AWS services and SysOps admin builds on it.
    If you feel the need or you have to do SysOps the same resources I listed have learning materials for it as well.
    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the info!  I took the pathway because it seemed right up my alley with all the experience I have had in the field figuring I could get my bachelors quickly.  I will take a look at your post now and take look at the formulas! 
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    I passed CSAA with about 4 weeks of study in February and then I spent another 4.5 weeks and studied and passed the AWS Developer Associate this pass Sunday. I am currently studying for the SysOps Admin to complete the Associate trio certification. SysOps is difficult with no prior knowledge or experience with AWS. Most start with Certified Cloud Practitioner, then Solutions Architect. I would recommend Neal Davis's Course and Jon Bonso's practice test on Udemy if you intend to start with this certification.
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