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Hey Guys
I passed AWS Certified Developer Associate this passed Sunday. I did much better on this exam compared to the Solutions Architect. After passing CSAA in February, I took a break from AWS and studied for and passed AZ104 in March. After AZ104 I started studying for the AWS Developer. I spent about 5 weeks of studying. There was alot of carry over content Solutions Architect so I was able to skip a large portion of Stephane Maarek's course and focus on AWS Developer specific content. I was less nervous in regards to this test compared to CSAA. I finished with about 50 minutes to spare. I also used the online proctor. My first-time testing on Sunday.

Topics that appeared the most include Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Decoupling, CICD, xray, various APIs, Elastic Beanstalk and deployment modes, and serverless in general. There were also some CLI commands and other JSON/YAML code to interpret.

My study resources:

  •  Stephane Mareeks Udemy Course
  • Jon Bonso’s Practice Test(highly recommended)
  • Neal Davis’s Practice Test
  • YouTube
  • AWS website.

My goal was to stop with AWS Developer but I purchased Jon Bonso’s SysOps practice test I am scoring very high on the first 3 practice exams. I have also consulted with others who have earned all 3 associate level certifications. There is a lot of overlap between all 3 exams. I am very confident that I can pass this test in around 2 weeks. I bought Stephane Maareks SysOps course so far I am already half way through. A lot of the same videos are in his other courses and most of the information I have already seen. I am focusing more on the SysOps content in the course.

A new version of SysOps is coming out later this year. It will include hands on labs. No longer just multiple choice


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    I just passed AWS SysOps Administrator Exam, 2 weeks exactly after Developer Associate exam. With that I have completed all AWS Associate level certifications.
    For this I used Stephane Mareeks Udemy course and Jon Bonso's practice test. I also used YouTube and AWS Docs.
    I did alot better on this test than on the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam however I do believe that that SysOps is more difficult.
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    I never saw your post on May 7th, sounds like you are smashing it for AWS. I am in process of doing SysOps Associate but having a break at the moment. Congrats on getting the 3 so quickly
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