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Hi everyone!

Well, I did it. I passed the last exam that entitles me to be called an MCSE for 2K3! I got an 850. They pounded the GPOs for about the last 1/4 of the test.

No mention of of command line utilities that I can recall. Syngress seems to overemphasis these, but then they are good to know in the real world to automate certain tasks.

I can now put those books away, and start on re-studying and retaking Security+. I was considering taking 299 by Friday and retake sometime in July if I don't pass, but I am getting tested out. I am scheduled to take two 1 week classes towards SCNP in August, and of course that means 2 more tests.

Oh, in case you were wondering, I used Sybex's 294 book, second edition which I bought as the core set. I supplemented this with Syngress.


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    Congratulations for passing on completing the MCSE track! icon_thumright.gif

    So what do you think the MCSE 2k3 will do for your career?
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    :D Welcome to th MSCE club. Yeh they certainly test you ability with Group policy in that exam. It's frustrating that you learn all the command line switches and get no questions on them in the exam when in real life most of the time you can just type xyz /? and access the options. But you need to know them just in case. Again, well done
    Isn't Bill such a Great Guy!!!!
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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    Congrats on the pass!!
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    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    Congrats! icon_cool.gif
    witty comment
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    Webmaster wrote:
    Congratulations for passing on completing the MCSE track! icon_thumright.gif

    So what do you think the MCSE 2k3 will do for your career?

    It will give reason to believe to prospective employers that I really do know how to work with MS servers and networks. Also doing the necessary studies needed for MCSE covered some holes in items I didn't have adequate knowlege in MS servers. I was suprised that sharepoint wasn't covered anywhere, some clients have asked for help on that.

    I have been doing post-sales support at my current job for 8 years, prior to that I was technically on helpdesk for 2 years, but we did much more than that. We were more of administrators than just helpdesk.

    Anyway, post sales technical support is going away. I am the only one left officially still in the position, though there are a few others that were transferred that are still covering calls as well. There is a chance I could go to presales for Cisco, but I don't think that's the direction I want to go. I'd rather be a senior network/server administrator, though I don't feel confident to be the head honcho.

    So, once I get Security+ down, I'll be taking classes for SCNP, then I'll be going all out looking for a position with my qualifications.
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    CONGRATZ dude........and GOOD LUCK
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    Way to go on the pass!!! icon_cool.gif
    Finally ALL Done!!!!!!! MCSE:Messaging - Task Complete
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