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I was just wondering if any one of the members knew of a graphic that might show skills connecting roles.  Network, Security, Systems, Development, etc...    This model IMO would be extremely helpful for the IT space especially for freshers who find themselves in one career track trying to navigate to another.  (We've all been there, it rarely goes as planned).  From a personal level I would love to look and see opportunities for myself, but think this would be beneficial for all in some capacity.  



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    Career movement opportunities come from within individual organizations, not from a generic chart created for high-level illustration purposes. Such a chart is drawn differently for every org. For example, in one org it may be easy to move between systems and network engineering and in another org it may be very difficult or improbable to do so. The same is true for physical/cyber security, applications/system programming, and anything architectural/engineering/operations. It's different for every org because of corporate culture (i.e., tradition, personalities, and politics), legal requirements (i.e., regulations and governance), and budgets (i.e., where is the money, how much money is there, and who controls the money).

    With all that in mind, the charts created by @Pmorgan2 (IT Career Roadmap 2020 and Security Cert Chart) might be a place for you to start.

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