Yeah ! (passed CCSE)

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Hi folks,
I have passed this nightmare today with 80% - I still cannot belive that :]
Hardest exam in my career I would say.

There was 71 questions / 120min (+30min for non-native English speaker)
I found about 3-5 questions from CCSA exam, only one about licensing upgrade, few from QoS (Im suprised) and upgrade.

Looking for percentage (more or less):

25% - Advanced VPN concepts
25% - VoIP
5% - QoS
15% - HA & Cluster XL
10% - Upgrade to NGX order(XL and HA also).Hardware requirements.
10% - CVP, URI
10% - General security and CP technology.

My tactics for this exam was radically changed.
First I took course materials (NGX II Handbook) and documentation from CP site for hard study.
Then took the course and just after, took the exam. This is the best way I would say.

For CCSA I took the course first, then after 3 months I started to learn and to systemize my knowledge, but during these 3 months about 70% of course knowledge were forgotten :]
Then passed the exam about 4 months after the course.


Please remeber that official course materials for NGX I and II are piece of **** !!!
There were thousand of mistakes, literal, wrong answers and so on.

Example - there were only few pages about VoIP configuration, where on the exam there is about 25% of questions about this!

The best mine of knowledge is CP site with latest documentation release.
Second source is NGX Configuration Book from Sybex.


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