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Hello everyone!

If you want to skip the 'bla bla', the questions are at the bottom!

I've been studying for the CCNA over the last few months on and off since earning a Net+. In the beginning I decided to go all out for the 801 exam, later deciding to study for the intro and icnd version.

Well, I am at the point of booking the Intro but I am unsure of whether to do it or study a little longer and head for the 801... I know the material well, I studied the entire Sybex book, watched the CBT nuggets series and read the Odom Intro book and have practiced the labs from both books on my setup of routers and switches at home.

I guess my QUESTIONS are:

1. Has anyone done the ICND and the 801 and can give a comparison?
2. Is there a big difference between these two exams apart from the obvious: $, fewer objectives etc.?
3. Are the topics covered in the 801 actually at a higher level?

So far I have found if very difficult to get any informed advice on this.

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