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Hi. I have been looking at various A+ on-line courses but really dont have any spare cash right now as I was made redundant last year. had a look on e-bay today and found lots of CD based courses. Can A+ be passed using these? Any experience/advice gratefully recieved.


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    Yes it can be done. I would suggest picking up the Mike Meyers all in one
    5th edition book. Along with maybe Exam Cram book (usually comes with practice questions) along with tech notes and questions on this site.

    Good luck!
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    I did use Mike Myer's Passport book for this exam (over a year and a half ago) but it is a good book for A+. Something else to keep in mind, if you do not have a computer you can "play" with, look in the newspaper or yard sales and such to find an older computer that you can just open up and play with without fear of damaging anything. The Hardware portion is a lot of recognition and the software portion is a lot of memorizing...

    You can do it without the extra computer to work on, but it does come in handy to see what it being talked about. If you have been doing this already, then you should not have too much trouble with the exams.

    Good Luck! :D
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