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Thoughts on this governing body for Python certifications?  I've been grinding for a while now, on some specific libraries in Python and building automation mainly around Excel, managing data frames.  I was thinking, well heck I might as well work through some of these?  Thoughts?  I think it would be a cool idea to work through these while still building out real world projects.  

Instead of coding in VBA I am forcing myself to learn how to do all my task through Python.  

Anyway back too the point have you heard of this certification, would you consider doing it"???


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    One of the "pros" I give people for doing certifications is they encourage you to learn new things and study well. If you want to thoroughly learn Python programming, and you feel that going for Python certs will motivate you to do so, then go for it. If I were in the same situation, I would seriously consider Python certs for myself. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the Python Institute's (free) courses or their (inexpensive) certs, but I see they do have the all-important digital cert badges base covered ;)
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    @JDMurray Almost done with a UDEMY course going over PANDAS and NumPY.   Both really powerful libraries, eventually I want to move over to the statistical packages, like GGplot.  I got bit by the bug like I did with SQL about 11 years ago.  

    If it's anything like SQL, I'll be trash for the 1st year and then gradually move on up.  With SQL by year 5 I was strong intermediate if not advanced.  Still am advanced don't have the firepower to get to expert, although some would say that I am.   

    Anyway just wanted to share since you are a programmer.  
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