Failed 291 with 658, terrible exam questions

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I hate the MS exams, they are very vague and you have to assume things sometimes. I got a lot of questions involving system monitor and network monitor? I need help on these topics, when to use which. Subnetting was easy, some questions that were never covered in sybec book????


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    I failed my first attempt even worse than your score...a lot worse.

    I used the MS Press books (and just ordered the 2nd edition of the whole MCSE track). Anyway, they are vague and want you to know what you need to do even if they don't know what you need to do. I guess it is good in that you come away with some real knowledge of how to do things rather than just reading and memorizing answers...

    Subnetting is an easy topic, and I had Sims on DNS and DHCP which I don't think I was ready for...I need to set up a better home lab to get the experience.

    I'm studying for my 2nd attempt now and hope to hit it by the end of July...

    Good Luck! :D
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    I also got pretty much that same score on my first try. Though you shouldn't be surprised about q's on Network Monitor and such.

    When to use which:
    Use System Monitor for real-time performance monitoring.
    Use Network Monitor to capture and examine packets.
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    SORRY to hear - you will nail it next time
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    Just curious how long you studied for and what type of experience you have.
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    Yeah the exam is not easy by any means. I failed it with a 615 my first attempt.

    Use Technet as another resource, there are some awesome webcasts on there for DNS, DHCP, RRAS, and others to help understand the topics better.

    Good luck on your next attempt.
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    U almost made it.

    What a pity!!!

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    I wish U all the best on Ur next try.
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    The good thing is you can identify based on your score report and test experience where you need to improve. So next time around you will be more well-prepared and when you pass it, you'll have really earned it.
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    I only studied for a month, read the sybex book about 3 times, high lighting the important parts as i went through it. I was workin for an IT services company for the last 6 months and gained a lot of experience, however none od the technologies from 70-291 exam were used. No DNS primary zones etc, just caching only servers, DHCP and thats about it. I've got CCNA, 70-270, 70-290, A+. Network+. I'm thinkin of startin my own little IT services company over the next few weeks. When i worked for the IT services company i used to go onsite and do installations etc after 3months, it's easy. They just use 2003 SBS, with ISA and exchange and whatever other software thet need for their job role eg. Opera or CAD. I'm using CBT nuggets over the next few days and will sit 70-291 again, i've started on CCNP too lol.
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    wow, you make me look lazy... i'll let you know how i do, i am sitting this thing on in three days. icon_eek.gif
    Every man dies, not every man really lives.
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