Starting the CCSP Journey Again

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Hello All, I titled this discussion "Starting the CCSP Journey Again" because I have started studying in the past for this exam but never finished my study plan or sat for the exam. It's a goal of mine to complete so I started back studying in April with the goal to test this summer then life happened, I had two deaths in the family (my father and aunt), and started a new IT Cyber Program Manager job. So, I adjusted my schedule and now prepared to get back on the horse as they. I have been a PMP since '13 and CISSP since '14, I have a good overall IT, Cyber, and Cloud background and understand, I have not sat for any AWS, Google, or Azure exams but have a decent understand and knowledge of theory. I would like to know if any others in this group are currently preparing for the exam and would like to link up and study/work together to take down Clash of the Titans Kraken (bad joke there). I am going to plan to study for 8 to 10 weeks which places me somewhere in the middle of September or after Labor Day (which will be a great study break). If interested in joining and working together send me a note, I think study partners make the journey much more enjoyable and provide someone to relate to what you are going through.


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