CEHv11 Class Download Tools are causing my AV to blow up/quarantining many files! what is best prac?

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Seeking CEHv11 class Lab best practice/guidance with the Download Tools.

I am trying to prepare for my CEH class starting Monday.  Regarding the Download Tools and running the Labs, What is best practice for downloading all the CEH Download tools?  e.g. where to I put them?  I started downloading the class tools to my primary PC.  Its AV alarming and quarantining many of the Lab files. I'm restoring them but it feels like I'm placing loaded weapons all around my house. I'm not too excited about having all these exploit tools on the same PC that I use everyday.  I have another system, lets call it the Slow PC that I care less about, not much comfort though because it too is on my home network.  

1. Where is the best place to put all the CEHv11 Download Tools and will I need to turn off the AV just to complete all the CEH class Labs? 

2. The Lab provides a VMware Win10 install program.  Where should that virtual Win10 instance be installed (I'm assuming it too will run various hacking tools)?

3. I noticed there is also an online Virtual Win10 instance.   Are both virtual Win10 instances needed or do I simply use one or the other. 

any suggestions are much appreciated.


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