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Considering that I have a BA degree in comp sc and will most likely obtain CCNP during next winter, is it worth to go all the way with MCSE or should I just stick to my MCSA plans? What would you guys do? icon_rolleyes.gif


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    It depends on what you do... If you want to be an engineer to design, create and develop MS systems, networks etc then go for the MCSE if you are going to only want to be an administrator, then stick to the MCSA. However, if you go for MCSE you will get both, and it's only 2 additional tests.
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    Three additional tests...
    witty comment
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    _omni_ wrote:
    Three additional tests...

    Oops yes 3 tests. icon_thumright.gif thanks omni.
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    You can't be over qualified... I'd hate to be applying for a job and lose it because some other guy was a mcse and you weren't.

    Its the same material just a little more in depth.
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