Juniper 5-3-1 Certified; Get 5 x JNCIA, 3 x JNCIS and 1 x JNCIP 75% off

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I have not visited TE in the last few years. Glad it's still around and I see there are still a lot of familiar (virtual) faces.

Just wanted to share what I got in my inbox a few weeks ago. I personally am taking advantage of this to cert up and learn more about Juniper. You can only use the 75% off voucher for remote proctored exam. Cannot sit for the exam at a testing center. Below is the gist of this "promotion." You can read the full FAQ here: Juniper 5-3-1 Certified Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You may earn 75% discounted exam vouchers for all of our Associate-level through Juniper Open Learning.
Additionally, you will earn 75% discounted vouchers for our higher-level written exams when you reach the specific certification milestones listed below.
  • When you become JNCIA x 5, we will provide up to 3 discounted Specialist-level exam vouchers (conditions apply)
  • When you become JNCIS x 3, we will provide 1 discounted Professional-level exam voucher (conditions apply)             

Happy studying!
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    Thanks for the links to Juniper Open Learning. I wish that I had taken getting Juniper certs more seriously way back when I worked in an NSOC and on Juniper firewalls.
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    Just wanted to update the thread to say I've completed 5 x JNCIA just before Thanksgiving. The JNCIAs mostly covered Juniper products and features with some examples on how to apply them. They were not very technical certifications but I feel that I have a good understanding of most of Juniper products and their capabilities having done these. Some were tedious (looking at you JNCDA!) but I feel like they were worth the time I invested in them. They were $50 a pop and now I can ask for 3 x 75% off vouchers for the JNCIS certs. I'm gonna be doing a Palo Alto cert because I just got a free voucher before taking on JNCIS-SP.

    If anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to answer them.
    2021 Goals: [JNCIA-DevOps] [JNCIA-Cloud]
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    I'm 2/3 in this path. JNCIAs were very easy (have 6 already), JNCIS was not bad too (done 3), but JNCIP Sec seems to be pain. Have voucher till and of January so still have some time for preparation
    I'm just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry

    60+ certs...and I'm not counting anymore


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