Just passed my LPIC-1 exams

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I just passed my LPIC-1 exams.  Once the results get transmitted and accepted it'll become official. I Wish you all prospective exam takers the best of luck and the same success as well, hence I'll be sharing my experience with you, Hopefully you find the information useful. First of all I've got to tip you on this, I got the voucher for my exam from Learnologyworld, i mean their offer was just too good to pass up and I also got a copy of LPIC-1 in Depth by Michael Jang to prepare myself for the exam even though the company I work for gave us access to the CBT courses provided by SkillSoft. That book reflected the current requirements and I read through that book over the course of the next couple weeks, writing a bunch of notes on each chapter. For the exams, there are 60 questions and you are given up to 90 minutes to take each exam, but it didn't take me even an hour to go through the exams. Jang says sometimes people are given more than 60 questions and more time if LPI has beta questions that they want to test out before putting in the pool of regular questions. Good luck on your exams again, Y'all have got this.


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