(NEED HELP)High School Capstone Cybersecurity Project Interview Questions!

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Hi everyone!  I am doing my capstone project for my last PLTW engineering class in high school and I need to interview professionals for my market research.  My project is about the security risk of USB ports.  I need people who work or have a degree in a field that relates to cybersecurity, computer science, or engineering to answer the questions.  Anyone can answer, but the more professionals the better.  For people that saw the post about the survey, yes, this is the same project.  Thank you all so much for your help!


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    I can't post the link just yet, but if you are interested in filling out the survey or just helping my group with this project in general, please comment!
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    What did you want to know? The USB ports can be locked down in group policy to prevent any removable drive, CD, Tape, floppy, etc to be accessible, but still allow the use of input devices like keyboards and mice. This is typical of most organizations with a cyber security program. Access to these resources is restricted to a small group of people with a business need.  
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