AZ-104 (2021) - Getting back on the horse

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Hey all,

I've been off in workland for a very long time (back when the forums used to be TechNet, so yeah... a while!) and have decided to come back and try my hand at some studying again.

I was previously looking at the Windows Server MCSA / MCSE certifications, but have since changed jobs and there is a lot of focus on moving to Microsoft 365 / Azure.  With this in mind, i thought this would be a perfect time to start working towards an Azure certification.

The one that seems to look the best for someone who has not had a lot of dealings with Azure / Microsoft 365 is the AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator exam.

That said, i can't seem to find any self-study guides online anywhere at the moment.  The certification page mentions that the content is being updated basically any time now, so i am suspecting that may be why.

Is there anyone else looking at pursuing this certification at the moment? if so, what study materials are you all using?

Thanks in advance! :smile:


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