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So I am going to be pursuing a variety of certs for entry level Cyber Security: something along those lines of Cisco, Linux, Python, and MS Azure...

Currently I use:

The Chromebook seems completely inefficient and with limitations so I think it needs to be upgraded to a stronger and more versatile machine!

Today I roamed around Best Buy reviewing laptops and saw a few that interested me but I do not want to purchase a new machine unless I know it will be capable of doing everything I will need for a Cyber Security job, remote work, for training, or otherwise.

I looked at laptops in the range of $250-700. I only like monitors with the matte finish (not that glossy glass shine).

Any recommendations? I definitely do not want a Chromebook! And it will need to be in my price range of $250-700. The monitor cannot be glossy/reflective. And it needs to be powerful enough and professional enough to take care of business!

Recommendations here are much appreciated!

I was eyeballing a few HP laptops, Galaxy book, and Asus Zen book.

Thank you for any discussion you can being to the table!


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    Honestly, the best thing you can do is pick an aggregation site you like, which lets you run a bunch of filters. We can offer model numbers or whatnot all day long, but frequently the models are specific to a particular online vendor. 

    I would say, go with an HP, a Lenovo, maybe an Asus. 

    Go with something that has at least 8GB of RAM (pref. upgradable, or 12-16GB) and has either an i5/i7 with VTx, or a Ryzen 5xxx/7xxx that has AMD's virtualization support.
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