Trying to come back from a burn out rut

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It has been a while since I've participated in these pages. Just as the title states, I've been in a bit of a burn out rut and depression. Earlier this year I finally achieved my long term goal of getting into the networking field, however, it had been two years since acquiring my CCNA so I have been playing catchup relearning forgotten materials. My current position as a network analyst requires a lot of wireless knowledge which the CCNA didn't go too in-depth so I'm trying to go for the CCNP wireless concentration. As an added bonus, I'm in my final 4 classes to acquire my BS at WGU (after years of working at it) but that has been a struggle as well given my feeling burnt out and depression. Have been working on myself through my personal issues the last 6 months and things are slowly turning around, however, I'm having a problem getting motivated to finish school and certifications. Any tips on how to move past the burn out rut and get back into a study mode? I know getting my degree out of the way will remove some of the burden I've been carrying which is why I want to make changes to continue improving myself.
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    Welcome back. Congrats on what you have already achieved! Yes, the last 2 years has been quite a test on everyone's mental health. I'm sure once the degree is completed you'll have some more room to breathe and relax. I agree with what others have suggested: exercising/getting outdoors, socializing with friends, staying off social media and the news, whatever you can to focus on you and your mental well-being. I have my routines that work for me and they have helped tremendously over the last 2 years (but, I have had my moments). I am also nearing completion of my WGU degree (same as yours) and can't wait until it is completed. I'm also in FL, here to chat if you'd like. Good luck and keep on pushing, it will be so rewarding when you look back!
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    Spiegel said:
    Have been working on myself through my personal issues the last 6 months and things are slowly turning around, however, I'm having a problem getting motivated to finish school and certifications. Any tips on how to move past the burn out rut and get back into a study mode?
    You must be honest with yourself in what is causing your depression. You probably know, but can't bring yourself to admit it because the "fix" would require drastic change(s) in your life you don't feel comfortable in making. Only until you do this (root-cause) analysis and accept what the source of the problem is will you be able to determine what to do about it. You'll know what the problems are when you say them aloud and you'll feel the truth. You might even experience an epiphany and discover some things you never realized about yourself.

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    Spiegel said:
    My current position as a network analyst requires a lot of wireless knowledge which the CCNA didn't go too in-depth so I'm trying to go for the CCNP wireless concentration...

    Don't bother with the certification.

    How about that?

    If you're having trouble finding motivation to do the cert... then maybe you're just Not into doing it?
    Maybe it's your job requiring you to do it.... versus your own desire to do it?

    Or maybe i'm completely wrong here. lol

    On a side note...
    i was once trying to do the wireless thing myself.
    i already had basic experience with AireOS on WLC 5520 platforms.
    i was even able to get my ccna-wireless just before cisco retired it.
    also, i was thinking about doing the CCNP-Enterprise Wireless concentration...
    but then i learned yet-another-reason why Cisco is TRASH.

    AireOS is dead; Their 8.x version was their swan song.
    Catalyst 9800 is the new replacement. Complete With a New GUI interface; Which i would need to relearn from scratch.
    But from what i could tell... parts of the new CCNP Wireless curriculum... was still based on the OLD AireOS  interface.

    Total Gar-bage.
    If im gonna go Learn a NEW GUI.... then i'd rather go with Aruba instead lol
    So i quit that pursuit (for now).
    /end side-note

    Did you ever knock out that CWNA?
    If yes, then congrats!
    if No, then why not?  Maybe that's something still worth pursuing instead?

    Nonetheless, i agree with an earlier suggestion.
    Maybe focus on those last 4 classes instead?
    Shoot for a completion date of this December.
    Slow & Steady amigo!

    And, UnixGuy is right;
    definitely, do NOT be afraid to get counselling. 
    We all have challenges.
    You are NOT alone :]
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    Hi Spiegel, I don't have much to add to this topic but I wanted to just wish you the best.
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    Spiegal - I can relate to trying to take care of mental health while studying. To put it plainly - it sucks. I want to let you know that I believe in you, and you are going to get to the light on the other side of the tunnel.
    1. Like others have stated, try to focus on one thing at a time (e.g. your college courses). Especially through difficult times, it is most important that you treat yourself with kindness, and part of that is making sure you're not overloaded with things. 
    2. I am going to restate this: TREAT YOURSELF WITH KINDNESS. You have already done some of the most difficult parts, recognizing the problem and taking action to heal. That's FREAKING amazing!! Keep it up & don't forget to pursue randoms acts of self-care (I recommend the occasional face mask lol)
    College alone is hard enough, let alone mental health. Be proud! You are doing the damn thing while taking care of yourself, and that is not an easy feat. 

    Here for you!  :)
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    I would definitely knock out those four classes.  When I'm studying certifications I try to do a little each day.  I usually target 1 hour of studying each day when I'm trying to get a certification, but there are days where I might only do 30 minutes.  I just try to be consistent and studying a little bit each day helps me.  You might be able to take the same concept and apply it to your coursework.  A little bit of action consistently eventually adds up to a lot of progress.  Don't beat yourself up if things don't go to plan.  Just focus on what you can do going forward.
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    Spiegel said:
    Thank you everyone for your kindness and words of encouragement. Your suggestions and insights have been extremely helpful in improving my mood. Definitely feeling like I'm moving in the right direction. Taking things a day at a time and making room to do the things that make me happy while slowly chipping away at my responsibilities (finishing WGU program). I wish you all success and good karma.
    You have a lot on your plate, I would just focus on getting that degree completed.  That will feel fantastic once it's over.....     At least that's how I am wired.
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    I feel the same...Spiegel

    BURNT...Fire, Fire, Fire!!!  Beavis famous last words...

    Going to take a sabbatical sometime in the future (like 6mos off), then determine if it's worth getting back into IT.

    Take a step back and see if what you are doing is what you want to be doing.  Explore other job ideas or business ideas.  Find something you are truly interested in, whatever that may be.

    I might be dipping into local craft brewery biz; maybe I'm just bored and need a challenge or just a change in careers.
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    I can definitely feel you're pain Spiegel as a fellow WGU classmate. I too was burned out (twice) this past 2-3 years. Covid, both my wife and I working in healthcare and going to school plus raising 4 kids (and the list goes on,lol) , I finally broke down and had to take a 2 months term break early last year and another 1 month break this year. I'm now down to only 7 courses and can't wait to graduate with a B.S. in  CyberSecurity & Info. Assurance. The break helped me a lot  and to take a step back and prioritize my/our life , which is family and health first.  Now, I'm ready again and just started my term this month and hope to finally be done with school within the year. Keep your head up and moving forward.  Night Owls!!
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