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Hi folks,
I'm somewhat new to the forum and have just completed my Security+. I was wondering if someone can take the time to provide some details about the preparation process of the MCSE exams as in books, labs, videos etc. There are a lot of products out there, even more for MCSE, and I'm not sure which to pick. If any one of you have had luck with certain materials, please let me know. I was thinking about getting the MS Press books and the CBT Nuggets videos. Also, I WANT TO SETUP MY OWN HOME LAB. Did any of you do the same? If yes, please shed some light. Thank You.

P.S. If any one of you are preparing for Net+, Sec+, or CCNA, and you have questions, I'll be happy to help you out. I have the above certifications.


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    I used sybex books all the way through.. I have a couple exams left before mcse...

    Home lab is the best way to learn... Sybex includes a 2003 server cd with a 180 day license. (in there 70-290,291,293,294 combo set)

    I've viewed a couple CBT nuggets videos. I would say that they are VERY helpful if you are having a hard time grasping a certain topic. If you solely relied on it you would fall flat on your face in an exam.

    I have noticed alot of people mention exam cram 2. Never used it.

    Transcenders are good also...
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    Well, I used MS Press books, but they are written for people who have experience on MS software (they don't go too deep on all the procedures.. they assume you know).

    If you are new, maybe Sybex books are the right thing. Still, don't stay only with that. I believe Syngress books are more complete than Sybex for MS certs. For the 70-290 I read the Sybex book but ended up reviewing Syngress... from then on, MS Press and Technet!

    For your lab... I use VMWare workstation... I have all I need! Just be sure to have lots of GBs of RAM!!
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    I used Sybex core package and Syngress books. I found the Sybex books better organized, but some detail was omitted where Syngress filled the gaps. This was especially true for command line utilities.

    However, Syngress tended to get too detailed, was full of gramatical mistakes, and sometimes completly wrong on some things. But then Sybex was wrong about a few things too. For example in their 294 book they claimed that you enter the server's netbios name. No, you enter the netbios DOMAIN name, not the server name. That's what it says in the DCPromo wizard dialog. Also you can change a universal group to a global or local group and vice versa, as long as you don't end up violating a nesting rule. Sybex insists you can't. icon_evil.gif

    Also use a few practice exams. I personally found the Sybex practice exams enough for me, but you might need to consider MeasureUp or something like it.
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    Thanks guys for your help.....
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    I used MS Press, One exam cram bookfor 70-270, and 2 labs (1home & 1 work). I also went online to MS Technet if needed for more info. Good Luck to you.
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    I primarily used the Microsoft books and then used either Exam Cram or Sybex as supplemental reads. By far a home lab is the best route to go with any study. Just reading the material will not help you pass the exam; in my opinion. I think hands-on is a must!
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    Hands on is most often the best approach, and will certainly help in preparing the sims. The sims are easy if you have personal experience with the appropriate tools and interfaces. I didn't have any trouble with any sim on any test I had, but I had worked with the required tools at least once or twice, and most of the time I've used them often in my career. At first I couldn't understand the big deal with the sims, but then I figured they could be trouble if you never have used them or at least seen them used in your life.
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