CAS 003

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My second attempt at taking this certification exam was met with a Fail once again.

Gave myself 5 months of study time since the last attempt, with a complete overhaul of my method with introducing cue cards to the mix. Sadly, even that did not help me in this case. With the use of the study labs provided from practice labs through percipio and degreed for the text book. It was looking well up to exam time, passing back to back on the practice exams for a few weeks, and practicing the lab sims that I am aware of on the test, it was looking great!

Exam day today it was just awful at the start, the testing center was not open when I arrived at my check-in time 8:10-:8:15 AM EST, could not reach the lab coordinator via phone, sms, or email; so of course panic set in. It's already 8 minutes to 9:00 AM EST and here comes the coordinator, rudely not explaining why she is late, annoyed that I buzzed the door asking for entry, and didn't even apologize for her poor communication, and her overall general annoyance with me even being there. 

After I got checked-In, my area was setup and I was good to start. It took me a minute to relax before beginning, and push the though of small panic attack I had in the hall thinking I would miss my exam time, and focused. 

The labs came and went, I flagged one (1) lab, the 'check hash' lab for the download file, mostly because I was using the incorrect file hash method, that I thought they would normally use, but really it was so damn simple I did kick myself about it when I finally got it. The overall exam was different from my practice exams provided on the percipio/degreed/practice-labs platform, but similar in structure with scenario based multiple selection questions.

I flagged at the end of completion roughly six (6) questions and went back and read through those to clear those flags, with only 6 minutes left on the exam, I was satisfied in what answers I provided and completed the survey after the exam only to be met with a fail once again. A bit upsetting to be honest, but I will attempt this exam new version CAS 004 in 8 months time and hopefully I have a better outcome. 

In the meantime, I will crack open a new book and begin.  

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