Cyber Acronyms Newbies Should Know

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When I started my Infosec journey one of the first things I quickly realised is that there are tons and tons of acronyms, and you just have to know them as you move along.

I had a glossary of such acronyms when I was learning and I found them recently. This is a list of some basic ones every beginner should know. I'd keep updating the list but feel free to add any I might have I might have missed.

A beginner would definitely find this helpful.

IP - Internet Protocol 
DNS - Domain Name System 
RFC - Request for comments
TCP - Transmission control Protocol 
HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol 
HTTPS - Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language 
DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 
NIC - Network Interface Card
CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional
LAN - Local Area Network 
WAN - Wide Area Network 
WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network 
OSI - Open Systems Interconnention
MAC - Media Access Control
NAT - Network Address Translation
IANA - Internet Assigned Number Authority 
RIR - Regional Internet Registries 
TTPs - Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
SOC - Security Operations Center
ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol 
CVE - Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
RA - Router Advertisement 
RAT - Remote Access Trojan
SLAAC - Stateless Address Auto Configuration
GUA - Global Unicast Address 
GUI - Graphical User Interface
URI - Uniform Resourse Identifier
URL - Uniform Resourse Locator
URN - Uniform Resourse Name
UDP - User Datagram Protocol 
FTP - File Transfer Protocol 
ISO - International Organization for Standardization
SSH - Secure Shell
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 
TFTP - Trival File Transfer Protocol 
POP3 - Post Office Protocol version 3
IMAP - Internet Message Access Protocol 
SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol 
CLI - Command Line Interface 
GRC - Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance
PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network 
SaaS - Software as a Service 
PaaS - Platform as a Service 
IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service 
ITaaS - Information Technology as a Service 
DoS - Denial of Service
DDoS - Distributed Denial of Service
OSINT - Open Source Intelligence
COE - Common Operating Environment

If there's any you think a beginner should know please add them, hope to add more some, until then let's keep crushing it in our respective fields. 

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