Weblink https://xyz.com/customers.html hosted externally not opens only from internal company domain

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Weblink https://xyz.com/customers.html hosted publicly not opens only from internal company domain abc.com

Checked that the site is whitelisted in proxy server by the team

Network team confirmed that the ip address of the server hosting the webpage is reachable from the internal network

Our internal DNS is AD integrated in which forwarders are configured to use our company external DNS Linux server for the queries not resolved by internal DNS.

N.B: The same weblink is accessible when the employee is outside of company internal network

Found a solution at the below link but looking for another solution as suggested in the link too if the counts go in 100's wherein the workaround scales badly


Any advice please.....



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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,041 Admin
    A few troubleshooting questions:
    • Is the root of xyz[.]com accessible from abc[.]com or is only the full URI path not accessible?
    • Is xyz accessible from abc using different protocols, such as HTTP?
    • What error message does the abc Web client display when attempting to access xyz?
    • Is there any indication in the xyz Web server logs that a Web client from the abc domain attempted access?
    • What other access tools and methods have you tried from abc?
    • Have you used multiple security tools to check if customers.html is malicious and potentially being blocked by an abc security control?

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    shanparamesshanparames Member Posts: 103 ■■■□□□□□□□
    edited May 2022
    Hello ,

    Thanks for your reply, Proxy team has already confirmed that the link is in whitelist only.
    Also we don't have access to xyz.com in any level

    As a workaround , I created a entry in local hosts file of the user and now this link can be accessed by the user.

    Had a discussion with Linux External DNS team.Found that the DNS entry is not created in Linux External DNS server and the team has confirmed that the entry has to be created in their side .

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