Important message for the MODS if one could please take the time to read this post.Thanks in advance

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I created a profile last week. Named Latverian1974  I believe it was.    But I am currently living at an extended to stay motel.  My only post when I created the profile was explaining how ive been out of IT  for some years because  I became addicted to a few things and since ive been out of the loop for so long what recommendations  could be provided  to me as far as a track .  I was considering VMware, exchange server, security+ etc etc

Every ones response was very professional and polite,  But I went to login to my account this morning and it says I was band.  I am concerned because I know these extended stay motels are a haven for people  hacking into someone computer  and I just want to be sure someone did not come on my account and do or say something that prompted me getting banned.

If any Mods could help/assist me with this is would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You


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