Renewal Timeline Clarification (early CEU upload penalty?)

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Good Afternoon All,

A couple years ago you helped me gain clarity in getting my CASP+, my first advanced level certification. Thank you so much!

Now, nearly two years later, I'm getting my CEU house in order. I'm using primarily Pluralsight (my company offers it to IT staff). This has been extremely helpful, straightforward, informative, and flexible. I'm posting this image of my progress as a hopefully helpful graphic for those that have not yet paid for renewal or are curious about how it looks and works from the user side:

As you can see, the certification doesn't expire until August 2023. I have obtained the remaining CEUs I require. I'm having some trouble finding a definitive resources explaining if I upload today, will my cert renew immediately giving me three years from today (resulting in a 6/2025 expiration) or can I upload it today and still renew on 8/23 despite early submission making me all set until 8/26? I'd prefer not to shave a year off my renewal period with my enthusiasm.

Thanks for clarifying. Feels like I should have been able to look this up, but CompTIA's website doesn't seem to answer this question and I didn't trust the one or two threads that seemed to mention this in passing. Maybe it's obvious to others one way or another :)

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    Your renewal will be per the original expiration date. 

    You cannot submit any more CEU until that time; CompTIA does not do CEU rollover like other vendors do. 
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    That's great news! Thank you so much for clarifying this.

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    Oh wow, @FluffyBunny, when I read your comment about not being able to upload additional CEUs and how there was no rollover, I was not expecting the ability to edit my existing CEUs and upload to this cycle to suddenly vanish. But you said exactly what you meant, and it's not just an inability to upload to the next cycle.

    I was a little nervous about a handful of the classes (some of those I took early on, and not specifically for CASP renewal) fitting the objectives--I think they do--and a SonicWall class I took that didn't have the hours on the certificate (I supplied other documentation and instructor contact info). I obtained an additional 20 hours just in case any of this that was thrown out. It just seemed like a good idea. I hope if they audit me and take issue with anything I can submit all that documentation then.

    I guess I'm following up so anyone seeing this thread knows to upload only their best CEUs, because you can't supply "just in case" extras. Remove any you aren't 100% on if you have better CEUs available or wait to upload your largest CEU block last.  


    To CompTIA, I would respectfully suggest allowing uploading extra CEUs if you want to stick with the audit system instead of an approval system; and if not that, at least present a warning before the submission is finalized. I took a lot of 1-2 hour courses and wanted to review that I didn't accidentally double-upload anything and see if any of my other CEUs were stronger than a couple of my less security-centric CEUs. I also may have updated notes to better justify what objectives each class fits best into. I will be upset if an hour or two gets thrown out and I have issues with my cert, when I actually performed considerably over 100 hours, between the rounding down of hours and CEUs I didn't get to provide.

    I'm sure it's fine, and I can live with the audit system (I don't like it, but I get that it keeps costs down and I appreciate that), but candidates need to be reasonably confident their work qualifies and that's tough with how it's currently setup. I read your audit dispute policy and was not left with a feeling of confidence that non-fraud audit failures will be handled in a responsible way. It seemed like the policy just concerning disputes about integrity, not technicalities. Honest submission disputes need a different mechanism of resolution than some integrity board.

    PS. checking work would also be easier if you could see the documents you submitted. I started putting class name at the top of the notes so it would be easier to catch mistakes, but some classes were submitted before I realized I wouldn't be able to see my own submitted documentation.
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     I hope if they audit me and take issue with anything I can submit all that documentation then.

    You can. They're not out to get you, or to revoke your cert.
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