Junior Manager - Cyber Vigilance Possible Questions and Answers

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May you kindly assist with  interview questions and possible answers for Junior Manager  Cyber Vigilance role


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    I am not familiar with a "Cyber Vigilance" role. Do you have a link to a job description?
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    Here Job Description,


    The Cyber Security Manager develops strategic and tactical plans for risk management. He/she establishes the governance framework for information security to provide assurance that information security strategies are consistent with applicable laws and regulations. He/she identifies key security initiatives and programs through a risk-based approach. He/she communicates new key security initiatives and risks to top management and stakeholders to ensure that information risk is understood and identified. He/she monitors and reports the performance of the security program to senior management. The Cyber Security Manager advises management on the impact of the organisation's key risks. He/she recommends mitigation controls for the organisation's key risks and manage key projects.

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    This is the same job as the Information Security Manager (or similar) role as detailed in the CISM certification. I would have a look at study materials for the CISM to get an idea of the job's required knowledge, skills, and practice.
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