If A Route Appears In the OSPF Database

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But it doesnt appear in the routing information base, what does it actually mean?

I realize that the RIB table is smaller. 


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    It's hard to tell without some output from the router and a diagram. Look at neighbors adj, network type or distribute-list. The one thing we know is the configuration is bad.
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    Well to keep it simple,

    I am doing route redistribution.
    The static route in router A is redistributed into ospf in router A.
    These routes are then advertised to router B.

    These static routes appear in router B OSPF database by not in router B ospf rib.
    Why is this so?
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    I take it this is a lab and not production. Did you use subnet in your routing redistribution configuration and you don't have a stub configured? It will be easier if you show your configuration.

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