How Is AWS Cloud Security Used In Production???

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Hello Cloud Experts?

How is AWS Cloud Security used in production?  At the enterprise workplace so do you configure, administer, and use it directly through, or is there a cloud security tool/app that sits between the user and AWS?
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    Configuring Security Groups and managing Identity Access (IAM) is all performed in your browser using dashboards. There are lots of YT videos showing how this is performed.
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    awesome @JDMurray I take it this is directly through site right, and not using any 3rd party software?

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    Yes, the dashboard are provided by AWS. However, there are probably 3rd-party tools that call AWS APIs to do the same management too.
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    In production very seldom anyone uses the console as it’s pretty manual. To automate and deploy/change your workloads in tandem you either deploy IaC (infrastructure as code) such as cloudformation in AWS or ARM templates in azure or terraform as HCL files and through  the CLI and API endpoints the cloud environment is managed. 

    AWS have a number of SDK support so services can tie in with say boto3 which is the library for Python to help with workload management. 
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    In an enterprise workplace, the AWS Cloud Security can be used by configuring access controls and policies for AWS services, such as Amazon S3 buckets, EC2 instances, and VPCs. This can be done directly through the AWS Management Console or by using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to create and manage roles, groups, and users with varying levels of access to AWS resources.

    AWS also provides a range of security services, such as AWS WAF, AWS Shield, and Amazon Guard Duty, which can be used to protect against common security threats, such as DDoS attacks, web application attacks, and network intrusion attempts.

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    AWS uses redundant and layered controls, continuous validation and testing, and a substantial amount of automation to ensure that the underlying infrastructure is monitored and protected 24x7. AWS ensures that these controls are replicated in every new data center or service.

    I’m not sure if there is a cloud security tool/app that sits between the user and AWS but I can tell you that AWS provides a wide range of security services and features that can be used to secure your applications and data on AWS.

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