Taking my ccna next week but a bit concerned

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Sorry first post and a bit of a long one so bear with me.

I ve been studying for the CCNA for two years now through the academy program, (along with two full time domestic (Ireland) computing and networking courses). My academy course entailed probably about 5-6 hours of classes labs a week along with my other courses in various areas such as data comms, programming, networking etc.
I ve put a lot of work in getting my subnetting, VLSM and ACL's up to scratch and have tried to gain a thorough understanding of evreything in the course, Ive done this in the hope of getting a workable qualification.
Here is my concern though: In the lead up to the exam ive been checking various forums and most people on them(not really this one ive noticed) are using ONLY **** or **** or things like that(and i dont mean as a study guide for the stuff they know). These same people are then going back on the forum and proclaiming "I passed with 1000/1000". In my opinion these people are totally devaluing a qualification that ive spent a fair bit of time working my a** off for.

Theres gonna be a huge amount of people with this qualification now and none of them are gonna actually understand or know what they are doing, how long before employers cop on to this and the bar is raised to CCNP as a minimum qualifiaction?
Two guys go for a job one passed the CCNA with 900 after working on it for a long time and understanding the material, the other guy passed with a 1000 after using only TK, is the guy with a 1000 gonna get the job?
Is the CCNA gonna become a worthless qualification as more people who know so little come through the exam?
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    Your not the only one here who gets pissed off due to the cheating.But the same thing is happening with the CCNP.In my opinion employers are well aware of whats going on.Once you have the cert it doesnt matter about the score.People who **** their way through will get caught in the interview or in their first week in the job.Really i wouldnt think about this as its been happening well before you started your studies 2 years ago.If i start thinking about this story it will puts you off your studies, so the best thing is to do your best and forget about everyone else.
    Most jobs i see advertised these days ask for CCNA/CCNP level candidates, so you dont actually need the cert.This means a nice technical interview.
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    Well I will tell you a senior network guy at work got fired last week because he consistenly screwed up. He is barely at CCNA level and makes much more then the intermediates with there CCNP. Eventually they do get caught and canned icon_lol.gif
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    Just because I am able to pass the test through studing, doesnt mean that I would be able to articulate my understanding of the material in an interview...
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    nuglobe wrote:
    Just because I am able to pass the test through studing, doesnt mean that I would be able to articulate my understanding of the material in an interview...

    true but you wouldnt look at them amazed when they said "We use VLSM here, with OSPF in effect. We would have liked to use EIGRP, but we dont have all Cisco switches in our network."
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