Considering an offer – Cybersecurity Intelligence analyst at a financial regulator.

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I am considering a job offer. It is a Fed gov agency that regulates financial institutions (in Canada). The role will be about analyzing cybersecurity threats/intelligence that are specific to financial institutions.

Some duties include:

  • Dev and implement Cyber sec surveillance tools
  • Operationalize a Cyber threat intelligence platform
  • Provide specialty cyber risk expertise in scanning, assessing, and reporting on the Cyber threat landscape
  • Triage, analyze, and provide insights on cyber threats, vulnerabilities, events and incidents.
  • Identify threats to regulated institutions, industry-wide systemic risks, and technology and Cyber security trends.

The thing is that I have not worked in this type of role before and am new to the cybersecurity realm. I was told that the role would not be technical; analysis would be at the macro/economic/strategic level.

My questions are:

  • Anyone with experience in a similar role? How do you like it?
  • What would be a career path/progression for this role?
  • Any challenges/expectations I need to be aware of?

Thanks in advance.



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    I dont have some related experience in this kind of role, but I would consider this opportunity myself.  You are getting further than operation, so less on-call situation. It is somewhat a new field, at least it is getting more common. There is great opportunity of training too. 

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    Sounds like a great role! From the description, it does have a big technical element.
    • Dev and implement Cyber sec surveillance tools <== this is as technical as it gets

    I don't agree with what you were told, perhaps they meant you won't be getting "incident response' experience.

    I say go for it, it'll give you great exposure to cyber security and you can pivot from there. It may not be what you want to do from the get go, but you might love this area and stay in it.


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