Certification Dilemma

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Hi All,

I am seeking for advice as i am in a dilemma. I have about 23 years of experience in IT industry. Currently i am a Project Manager / Product Manager - Consultant for Software Development in my organization. I am 42 married with kids.

I am considering whether to reinforce my PM skills or focus on a new field altogether. I have existing certification PMP & PRINCE2P. I pursued PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP & ASTQB-CTFL..failed miserably this year 2022. I am thinking whether i should continue to do this papers? I know these certifications add value to me in my current organization. However i lost the motivation to do it as i spent about 100 hours studying on each paper, i guess i have to change my study approach. in fact my boss told me, so what if you fail? you can always try again.

I am NOT being forced to take but it is my itchy hands to test myself again the industry standards & that is all.

This is my current dilemma!

However i am also leaning or like to Cybersecurity! I was looking to sit for ISACA-CRISC CGEIT, CISM & CISA for every quarter and complete these exams in 2023. That way i can leverage my membership fees and get a discount on the exam papers. But i am no closer to getting a role in my current organization. These all is just prop my CV and opportunities in my org if they come somehow.

I also lined up ISC-CCSP & ISC-CISSP for the following next year 2024. After this i am done with my certifications! then i will continue to work and retire when i am 60. Its about 18 years now to 60. This is my plan.

So what do you think i should do?

Option #1

Continue with PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP & ASTQB CTFL which is more aligned to my current job role. Complete these papers, take 1 quarter break and continue with rest of my target. I am going to subscribe to PMI-Membership and continue to leverage the discounted exams for ACP & RMP.

Option #2

Skip the Project Management(PM) papers, purse ISACA papers now itself, trying to secure for a security role in my org!

Option #3

Skip the Project Management(PM) papers, pursue ISC-CCSP & ISC-CISSP papers now itself, trying to secure for a security role in my org!

So this is my current predicament. Please share your thoughts?

Thank you so much!


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    That's a very tough question to answer, and honestly all options are fine.

    If you have your heart set on cyber security, you can pivot now to a project management role within cyber security and start working on cyber certs.

    As you have 23 yrs of experience, what benefit do you think project management certifications will add to your career? more money? more knowledge? both? or neither?

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    PM adds both if i am looking out at the market industry. However i intend on retiring in my current company. No more jumping here and there. Alas never say "never"

    Knowledge + hopeful of more money when year end comes!

    As for security, your idea looks solid. However if i were to complete both PMI-ACP & RMP with CTFL. i can pivot to be a Security Testing PM. slowly creep my way into Cyber Security i guess!
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    I would say, that if you lost motivation to do the PM exam.. just follow your heart, unless it is a requirement from your job (and it doesnt seem to be the case).

    I dont believe in long term plan like you are suggesting.  Also, do a big bunch of certs in 2-3 years and stand on it for the next 18 years is not a very good strategy. IMO.  

    If you are interested in cybersecurity/infosec, start by doing one cert.. Then, look if there is some opportunity inside your company (as you consider staying until requirement). Then once you have a security role, the next certification will line up by itself. I would then consider doing 1 cert per year and continue maintaining the others.  

    Finally, I would definitely choose to start with CISSP first (if you have enough pertinent experience) before ISACA certs. 

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