Where to go after CompTIA A+?

BasedThotBasedThot Member Posts: 14 ■■□□□□□□□□
Just finished up earning my compTIA A+. In addition to A+ I have the PCEP entry-level Python cert. Worked hard for it and looking to just take a week or two to relax but I'm also wondering where to go from here? I work in manufacturing right now with no IT or tech experience. Going to start looking on Indeed and applying after the holiday. Since I have no experience, would it even be worth it to go for the Network+ at this time? I can't see an employer hiring someone for a network role with no experience. I was also thinking about getting a General Business Administration 16 credit cert. from a local community college. I also know basic Spanish and have thought about pushing to become fluent. Just kind of weighing my options and looking for advice at this point, thanks! 


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