Leadership Certificates from Ivy League Schools

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I'm getting old and have a ton of data experience, like most of you all have in networking, infrastructure and or security.  

I recently was exploring these types of programs and I notice they have leadership certificates from high end universities.  Harvard, MIT, Cal, etc...   What are your thoughts on these?  My work will pay up to 5000 to 6000 K which I believe will cover most of these.  I am getting pretty tired of doing the work and want to get into leadership in the data space, such as a senior manager or director.  I would rather be around design, relationship management, etc...   Add value to the org from a strategic/tactical level, not execution anymore.  

I have an MBA and BS so my education is fine, do you think this will help or is it kind of a waste of time?  One thing I will note, it's leadership in data management which I like because it's specific to the domain I have expert knowledge in.  


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    If your business org is serious about the difference between a "manager" and a "leader" then they should already have made such training available to you, or are at least pointing you in that direction with their tuition assistance program. Do you hear anything on the importance of creating the next generation of leaders by your current leadership? If not, a certificate in leadership may not impress anyone in your present org.
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    Good idea is to start the conversation with your manager about your intention to move to management, explore opportunities within your organisation as JD suggested.

    If your employer is paying, then I don't see why not. It won't be a fast-track to leadership role because, like technical work, you need experience in managing/leading people, but you need to start somewhere.

    Alternatively, you can start targetting management roles in your next job search (which is what I did..)

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