CISSP and CCCure score (Pro)

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I have been prepping for the CISSP exam reading the (ISC)² book and using CCCure.
I would like to ask those of you that passed the CISSP and used CCCure what was your score on CCCure (mode Pro) before passing the exam?

I understand the two are not the same, but I would like to have an idea of whether I am far or close.

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    I just passed the CISSP, however, I didn't use CCCure. I did do over 1000 questions from various sources and on average I received 80% or higher on the practice tests before I felt ready to do the exam. I did take a boot camp course, read both the ISC2 book and study guide, and watched several youtube videos. So I'd say if you are not getting at least 80% on your practice tests, then I'd keep working on it until you do. Also, if you are getting the same questions and just memorizing the answers to the ones you got wrong then it's time to move on to other questions because that won't help you in the long run. Not sure this is helpful, but wanted to give you my 2 cents.
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