User-Level vs Share-Level!?!?

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Hey everyone :)

well i scheduled my test for next wednesday. Im consistantly scoring in the 90% ranges on all the practice tests i can find, so i feel confident enough to PASS

i seem to get this question mixed up on all the practice tests

what is the difference between share leven and user level security/passwords?

from what i think i understand is that they BOTH require passwords but share level is not as secure as user level?

then i had a practice test tell me
20. share level access is used to specify password protection for EACH RESOURCE
21. share level access applies password protection to the folder level to conrol read and change access
23. USER LEVEL security is more secure and requires a user to provide a login ID usually a username and password combination to access network resources.
Share level securityis not a secure as user level "

maybee one of you gurus can clear this mess up for me....thanks!


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