Four major Australian businesses got hacked

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Not sure if the US audience are aware, but the last 30 days have seen 4 x major breaches in Australia happen, comically one after the other.

First is Optus, the second largest telco, what happened wasn't even hack, more like data scrapping from an API. Feds got involved, even the American FBI were involved as it compromised 1/3 of All Australian data if not more, including passports/Licenses, Medical records, etc.

Then Telstra got compromised the followed. Telstra is the biggest Telco, except this time it was just 30,000 employee data leaks, no one cared apparently.

Then Medibank, a health insurance company. Ransomware, and the hackers are threatening to release medical data

and then EnergyAustralia, an energy company but no one seemed to care.

And woolworths, (major supermaker), no one seem to care.

And some university, but that's a monthly occurrence.

As a Cyber security professional in Australia, I'm quite surprised this doesn't happen more often. I think most (if not all) businesses here get hacked, they just don't know it. The industry needs an uplift. Hiring should be based on skill, but I'll leave it at that.



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