Please share your best practices & tips!

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So I was thinking the other day how not all best practices show up in textbooks or education institutions. I have only come across some best practices while being on the job.

In the spirit of open source, I would like to encourage a forum where all of us professionals can share best practices we've come across in our careers.

It doesn't necessarily have to be uber specific—as long as it's something you would swear by—anything we've experienced first hand is valid, I would say. Tech? Soft skills? Go for it.

To start, these are some particular best practices I have come across:

  • Never set yourself a reasonable deadline for anything. Murphy is secretly all of our best friends and he shows up when least expected. Going 3 times the estimate might help.
  • Always have an objective in mind and always try to set yourself an "action item" for every meeting. It doesn't hurt to do your homework or even extra homework.
  • Apparently network latency should not exceed 200ms to accommodate reasonable real time traffic in addition to QoS. Less sounds to be better.
  • I discovered that apparently cloud offerings use FedRAMP to meet equivalent of FISMA compliance but for SaaS. There's even a site you can google.
  • Health is more important than profit, career, etc. If your gut tells you something isn't right, don't let them get away with it. You deserve the best (physical & mental) health!

The idea is not really to prove others "wrong" or "right". This is not a contest. This is simply a space to share experiences and learn from others.

Enjoy! ;)


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